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Ali, Muhammad vs. Frazier, Joe III

Ali, Muhammad vs. Frazier, Joe  III
Ali, Muhammad vs. Frazier, Joe  III

  "The Thrilla in Manila"
  World (WBC/WBA) Heavyweight Championship
  1975 Fight of the Year - The Ring Magazine
  Navarrete, Rolando vs. Cabanella, Fernando
  Philippines (GAB) Bantamweight Championship
  Holmes, Larry vs. Bobick, Rodney 
  Aldeguer, Ben vs. Gutierre, Al
  King, Don (promoter)  
  CCTV from Quezon City, Metro Manila, The Philippines
  Silverman, Sam (CCTV promoter)

  Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier were classic and somewhat heated rivals through the 1st half of the 1970s, with Ali fighting his way back to stardom after his institutional humiliations by the boxing establishment and the U.S. government for his stands against the war in Viet Nam and his refusal of the draft.  Like Ali, Joe Frazier ascended to the professional ranks after several years of success in the Golden Gloves tournaments and medaling at the Summer Olympic Games (1964 Tokyo), winning the heavyweight gold as a substitute for Buster Mathis, who had defeated him in the Trials but was unable to compete in Japan.  But following the banning of Ali from competition and the loss of his titles in 1967, Joe Frazier emerged as the No. 1 heavyweight contender and faced his rival Mathis for the NYSAC’s championship, one the U.S. state sanctioning body declared for the entire world.  During the next several years, Frazier cemented the claim with victories over Ellis for the WBA crown once worn by Ali.
  Ali returned from his long suspension in 1970, and the pair met for the 1st time in Madison Square Garden in March of 1971, with Frazier taking the unanimous decision after 15 brutal rounds known then and now as “The Fight of the Century.”  After stumbling against George Foreman in Jamaica to lose the world honors in 1973, Frazier fought Ali once more, a dozen rounds with no titles at stake, again in the Garden in New York, but with the reverse results, Ali by unanimous decision.  A rubber match was needed.  On a Wednesday in October of 1975, outside Manila proper their final combat commenced.   In one of the all-time classic bouts, the two champions fought long and hard in the thick Philippine mid-day heat, hammering one another through the rounds until the 14th, when Frazier's mouth was cut repeatedly.  Despite his trainer's pleas, "Smokin' Joe" tried to return for the final round, but better sense prevailed, and Ali was proclaimed the undisputed champion.  After the fight, Ali stated Frazier was "the greatest fighter of all times, next to me."
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  Battling it out before the spectacle, Rolando Navarrete, the "Bad Boy from Dadiangas," lost the Filipino bantamweight title to Manila's own Fernando Cabanella, a former world flyweight contender, after 12 rounds.  On his way to far more challenging competition including Ali himself in 1980, the unbeaten "Easton Assassin" Larry Holmes took on the heavier "Bowlus Bear" Rodney Bobick in a 10-round event and pounded his opponent sufficiently to bring the bout to a halt before the end of the 6th for his 17th professional victory.  Fighting at super flyweight for 10 rounds in only his 3rd recorded professional match, Cebu City’s Ben Aldeguer took the duel with the 10-1 Al Gutierrez who had fought quite a few in Honolulu.
  This ticket from Sam Silverman's "Boxing Enterprises" CCTV promotions in the Northeast offered an "Exclusive Theatre Telecast- No Home TV" from Araneta Coliseum in Quezon City, Metro Manila, The Philippines.   The difference in dates is, of course, due to the international dateline.     

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Event Date: Sep. 30 (Oct. 1), 1975
Event Location: Albany, NY, USA (Quezon City, Metro Manila, The Philippines)
Event Venue: Albany Armory (Araneta Coliseum)
Seat Type: Admission
Seat Location: No. 01749
Ticket Type: Full
Ticket Size: 5 1/2" x 3"
Ticket Face Value: $15.00
Ticket Color: Black on Green
Ticket Condition:

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